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Otto Carter

Otto Carter is a master Engraver from Texas USA

His designs are unique but recomendations can be made to suit you

Lead time is arround 12 weeks so please be patient


"The art of engraving has intrigued me since I first became aware of it.  Having been in the graphic design business for many years, I considered embellished metals to have a very unique appeal.  Engraving is an art that essentially adds beauty to ordinary objects.  For centuries mankind has had a desire to add personality and character to reflect individuality onto things which he held in high esteem.  Therefore engraving has been around as long as man has had metal upon which to work.  From tools to jewelry to weapons of war, people have desired to make things they were proud of unique.  Down through the centuries the local styles of the period were reflected in engraving.  The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Celts and others all had distinct styles that could be seen through the various art forms of their culture.  Within the last two hundred years engraving on firearms has been transformed into a very high art form.  European craftsmen elevated this art and established known styles that have become very popular to this day.  As some of these artists moved Westward, they took with them these engraving styles.  American style engraving was born from these European engravers who simplified the European styles and adapted them to the needs of the faster paced American market.  As a lifelong student of design, I try to gather inspiration from this broad pallet of styles.  It is a goal of mine to facilitate the design needs of the customer by having an insight which will ultimately reflect his unique personality.  As an old world art, engraving is still executed with fairly primitive equipment.  Whether power assistance is used or not, engraving is removing metal by means of a hammer and graver (chisel).  Engraving is a very precise art, done under high magnification and requires a lot of patience.  The challenge of the different elements of this art has appealed to me a great deal.  I would like the opportunity to meet your needs as an engraver. "