British Columbia Seeds


About British Columbia Seeds

British Columbia Seeds, or BC Seeds as they are sometimes better known, prides themselves on being the creators of the world’s strongest marijuana seeds. This cannabis seedbank focus on high THC levels and incredible strength gives their strains power and potency which really does come through in the final effect. But British Columbia doesn’t rest on their laurels. Since they started back in 1998 this American based seed bank have been taking cannabis growing to a whole new level, and they never seem to stop. Instead of focusing on crossing traditional genetics to find new combinations, BC Seeds are taking the lid off growing cannabis and finding new and exciting solutions every day.

Product Information

If you are looking for strength, then the Infinity Bud is a must. It is said to have cost more than $350,000 in development to make sure it is the most powerful marijuana seed on the planet. Or if you want something truly innovative, the Original Seeds Store recommend you buy Forever Bud cannabis seeds which offer buds for decades, all off of a single marijuana plant. If your looking for something a little more old school try their best seller Northern Lights # 5 or Afghani Dream with its power and purity never has there been a better way to chillout and relax.

British Columbia Seeds Availability

When you want to push the boundaries of marijuana growing to the very edge, British Columbia Seeds (BC Seeds) is always on hand to help. Just browse through the collection below and see what delights take your fancy. Buy in single seed packs or breeder packs of 5 and 10 or check out our bulk seed buys of 20 – 200.