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Buy Short Stuff Seeds AUTO Gorilla Shizzle on our online store Wide Eyed owl - at a bargain price. Short Stuff Seeds AUTO Gorilla Shizzle We have a wide selection of Short Stuff Seeds AUTO Gorilla Shizzle
AUTO Gorilla Shizzle Cannabis Seeds - Short Stuff Seeds An amazing mix of one of Short Stuff's bestselling strains Tha Shiznit and Auto Gorilla OG. The resulted plant grows vigorous and bushy with aromas just as tasty as its parents. Auto Gorilla Shizzle is a very easy to grow plant that offers great yields if she is well looked after and given enough light and space to grow. She will grow incredibly vigorously right from the first week and will easily reach 4 feet (1.2m) in height with a similar width. She produces huge buds which may need to be supported towards the end of flowering time. The buds glisten with crystals and are highly resinous with a tasty citrus aroma that makes the growroom smell of oranges and lemons. Like Tha Shiznit, Auto Gorilla Shizzle is incredibly potent but thanks to some sativa genetics in her ancestry you dont get a knock-out stoned effect but more of a cerebral high that allows you to function. The smoke is smooth with a flavour that is earthy and citric and the effect will last for several hours. Due to the massive trichome production of Auto Gorilla Shizzle she is the perfect strain for making hash, Rosin or extracts from so nothing is wasted. Genetics: (Gorilla Glue #4 x Auto OG Kush) x Tha ShiznitAuto Type: Boutique Line AutoIndoors/OutdoorsHarvest: 9-11 weeks from seedHeight: 25-40 | 50-100cmEffect: Super PotentPotency: 10/10 Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. Wide Eyed Owl sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold by Wide eyed owl may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES
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